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Parliamentary Friends of Motoring

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The Council of ACT Motor Clubs (CACTMC) was incorporated in the ACT in 1985. Download the CACTMC Constitition


Canberra has the highest number, per capita, of motoring enthusiasts in Australia.

If you are a local motoring enthusiast, we urge you to join one of the local motoring clubs, and if you are already a member, ensure that your club is also affiliated with the Council of ACT Motor Clubs.

The Council of ACT Motor Clubs comprises approximately 150 Delegates. Delegates must be a member of an affiliated clubs. Each club nominates two of its members to be their Delegate, to represent that club at Council. The Council Committee is then elected from and by these club delegates.

The Council of ACT Motor Clubs has been appointed as the sole interlocutor for the ACT Government on all matters relating to policy, regulation and concessional registration on all matters relating to affiliated clubs.

The Council of ACT Motor Clubs also raises issues of national importance via the Australian Historic Motoring Federation (AHMF).

Refer to the "Affiliates" page for a current list of CACTMC affiliated Clubs & Associations.

Council's objects are to:

Advocacy and Advice

CACTMC acts as an advocate on behalf of all affiliated motoring clubs in the ACT in dealings with the ACT Road Transport Authority (RTA).

Matters in which CACTMC has acted include: historic registration and operation of the heritage vehicles; modifications policy; changes to existing laws, regulations and rules.

Advice is available to clubs on various sites for automotive displays within the ACT and regional NSW. CACTMC will also assist in negotiations with the ACT Government and NSW Councils for access to appropriate sites.

Canberra Pie Cart

The Council is also the custodian of an unique and iconic piece of Canberra's automotive history, the Canberra Pie Cart (aka Wilkie's Pie Cart).

Committee 2019-20

Elected at the AGM held on 17/10/2019
Position Representative Affiliated Club or Association
#=============== #=============== #==========================================
Elected Reps:
President Mark Saunders Veteran Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club of Canberra
Vice President Sheila Rasenen Chrysler Club of Canberra
Secretary Geniene Webster Light Car Club of ACT
Treasurer Garry Smee
Registrar Ray Arbon Ford Performance Club of ACT
Events Director Vacant
Ordinary Member #1 Graham Gittins Antique & Classic Club of Canberra
Ordinary Member #2 Simon Whittaker Canberra Cafe Racers Club
Ordinary Member #3 Dave Rogers Triumph Car Club ACT

Public Officer Simon Whittaker Canberra Cafe Racers Club
Auditor (Hon) John McMaster N/A
Public Relations Graham Gittins Antique & Classic Club of Canberra
Web Admin Peter Atkinson Alpine Alfisti Association of Australia

Shannons Wheels Southern Tablelands Historic Automobile Restorers Club
Marques In The Park TBA

Affiliation Categories

CACTMC recognises three categories of affiliation:

Affiliation Fees

The Annual Affiliation Fees are due on 1st July each year.
The fees for Affiliates are:

General Meetings

General Meetings of Council are held as follows:

Members of affiliated clubs are welcome to attend.

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